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Honey, it's me, your husband: TOM COLLINS, I'm home! Honey, are you in here? Hello? Anyone? ....

Mortem is a work in progress developed by Nighthood Games: albeit a little glitchy, there is some hidden potential (I'm looking at you devs to fix this). In our play through, the only thing that actually worked was turning the flashlight on/off. Would be very interested to play an updated/working demo version.

Read the desc people! ;)

I would love to make to music for your game


Interesting idea (Very "Emily Wants to Play"-esque), but the mechanics mostly just straight-up didn't work when I played it. "Mortem", or at least the demonic black doll, only ever pursued once, and was stopped by collision. Afterward, I was able to cheese the game by continually flashing her. Also, the "hiding in the closet" mechanic didn't work at all.

Would love to see this game get worked on more, and possibly re-visit it another time.

Cool looking experience! But was it too easy for me??

Stay Rad Everybody!

its not letting me download....!F8NQAYAK!BesyDBLhMTytG5b4MzQWrxNZXveUApsimkMnChlpSCg

Thank you! <3

I'm having the same issue. Could you please fix the download link?

Awesome concept but g'dam are there a sh*t ton of bugs lol.

Full Gameplay Walkthrough / Jumpscares/ Scary Moments and Much More:

had a fun time! glitchy as expected but I see potential!:D DAMN JUMPSCARES GOT ME SO BAD

Does this game work with windows 7 because everytime i try to download it from the app it stops the download and wont download

Very Cool game I love the concept of it the only thing is that it has alot of bugs but that is to be expected since its only a demo. Overall I Love the game the jump scares got me haha

Mortem is the latest game we played on our co-op horror gaming channel Super Horror Bros. It's very scary and actually made us jump far more than many other bigger budget games we've covered recently. The game has alot of potential to be something really great, a good concept, decent visuals and it's definitley scary as you can see in our video link below. The problem is that currently this demo is full of bugs and technical issues, controls are wonky, and you can end up getting caught on walls and doors. Also the jumpscare doesn't really pop properly most of the time. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this one.

So many scares! This game has a lot of promise. The idea is really cool, and has tons of options to expand upon. I like the idea of having the friend play apart in it. I did find a lot of issues with opening doors and such, maybe it was because I was in such a hurry to open the closet, but for a demo it wasn't too much in terms of glitches. I'd like to see how this game develops :D

MORTEM is a very cool concept of a game that has a lot of potential! The game is very much along the lines of games like Emily Wants to Play where all you have to do is find Mortem 10 times before 10 minutes passes.

The environment and the graphics in the game are absolutely beautiful and character designs are really well done. The soundtrack and sound effects truly make the game even scarier and it's a nice little touch that the music amps up the longer you survive. The light of the flashlight is also spot-on in that you have enough light to see in front you but it doesn't unrealistically light up the entire room.

There isn't any story in the game though (I know there's some backstory on the gamepage) and there are still plenty of strange bugs and glitches that can occur where your character doesn't fully enter the closet, yet still somehow manages to survive Mortem. Mortem also tends to get stuck in a doorway, leading you to restart the game. Also the doors in the game don't seem to be fully functional, as I tried to open one door, only to have another open for me. Overall though for a first version of the game, MORTEM is a super scary and fun horror experience that all Indie game fans should try out! I am definitely looking forward to playing the game again once some updates have been made.

I made a Let's Play of MORTEM so feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

So I managed to glitch out Mortem at the base of the stairs BUT this game was a blast and I am glad that you shared this!

I too played your game! It was nice, but the mouse sens is way to high.

More maps please!

This looks really good so far! This was one of the scariest horror game I Have played in a while!

This was a really cool and creepy horror game. The graphics are well done, the sound design is creepy, and the mechanics are all simple to understand. I really like the concept and atmosphere of this game. Although hardly any of the mechanics worked for me, its only a demo so, but I understood what I needed to do. I like the "Emily wants to Play" vibe this game has but with its own little twist. I think this could be a really terrifying experience once the full version is released. I Look forward to seeing what else the developer has in store for the player after this brief demo. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

This game SOOO much fun its just a demo a bit buggy kinda well was for me anyway but still was the most fun I had haha I really have high hopes for this game! :D

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Hey there! Great start to this game! The house and rooms look awesome. One of the bugs I encountered was when I would successfully hide from Mortem in a closet, she would stay in the doorway and there'd be no way for me to escape. Apparently if this happens you can click your flashlight on and off at her while she's stuck and easily win, but that's no fun! The giggling is terrifying though so well done on the audio! Just need to fix the actual chasing & resetting part. Here's my playthrough if you'd like to see:

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Played the demo, had a bit of an issue with getting stuck in certain doors, as well as issues with activating closets. Also Mortem bugged out during my last attempt and stopped chasing, allowing me to 'find' her 10 times. Overall design of Mortem is pretty interesting and graphics and audio are very well done! Definitely excited to see updates!

I don't know if other people are experiencing the same problem but clicking the download button on both the webpage and the client seems to not be doing anything!F8NQAYAK!BesyDBLhMTytG5b4MzQWrxNZXveUApsimkMnChlpSCg ;)

Thanks a lot, I was having the same problem

Buen juego, me ha encantado. Los screamer están bien conseguidos. Hay algunos errores de texturas. Espero jugarlo ya terminado: